ExpoMed - Medical Supplier & Buyers show

Abraa.com take this opportunity to thank all the visitors who attended Expomed Eurasia 2018 – the biggest medical trade fair in Turkey and the wider Eurasian region, which opened its doors to business and trade visitors of not only Turkey but rest of the world as well.

Team Abraa express extraordinary pleasure for being part of such a successful show, along with more than 800 brands and brand representatives from over 40 countries, under one roof. This fair not only gave participants a chance to interact with experts from the industry, and showcase the latest technology in the health sector, R&D and products that are marvels of innovation, but also gave the unique opportunity to grab lucrative business deals offered by exhibitors during the course of the exhibition.

Abraa.com welcomes all trade professionals to sign up and get the advantage of our unique e-commerce tool, created specially to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers worldwide.
If you are seeking to open up new avenues for business growth, both within the region and beyond, then joining Abraa.com will provide you just the right opportunity.

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