The internet has absolutely changed the way businesses viewed customer acquisition and sales lead generation. Today, there’s barely any company, petite or big, that does not have an online presence. You can search buyers as well as suppliers of any product category/industry, from anywhere in the world, with merely a few simple searches on Google.

However, if you’re a manufacturer, supplier or wholesaler seeking for business-to-business buyers on the internet, your actual challenge is to filter out the buyers that are pertinent to your business. There are thousands of websites where you can get generic buyer leads. But the majority of those buying leads have indistinct requirements that often do not match your business needs.


The difference in the two buying requirements as stated above is quite simple and clear. The question, however, is where to search such buyers? Because the majority of buying leads on the internet do not have enough information. For this, you first need to understand and decide the information that is most important for you.

A B2B supplier necessitates at least the following information in order to self-assuredly approach a buyer.

  • Product Specification/Description
  • Quantity
  • Buyer Origin/Shipment Port
  • Contact Details

There are several other things that you need to understand as well, but this is the minimum information required to approach buyers.

With these details in mind, here are a few simple ways you can search pertinent B2B buyers on the internet.

Find B2B Buyers With Google Search

For many users around the globe, Google is the well-known face of the internet. Millions of internet users have Google search as their browser homepage and access websites through it. The problem in searching buyers directly through Google is that most of the buyers have websites that are not correctly optimized for search engines. On the contrary, there are dozens of B2B trading portals that are properly optimized for Google search. So when you find a buyer using generic or common keywords, the search results would always show pages from different business-to-business portals, not buyer websites.

Search B2B Buyers Through Social Media Websites

Is there anyone who does not use social media these days? You may not search every company you’re seeking for on social media, but you’d certainly find someone working in that company with a social profile.

If your target buyers are from Australia, America, and Europe then you have a better opportunity of finding them on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

Find Buyers On B2B Trade Portals

Finding buyers by using a B2B trading portal is the common practice among suppliers around the world. All major business-to-business portals have millions of buyers from around the globe actively looking for suppliers. As a leading B2B portal, also makes it simpler for buyers and suppliers to locate each other.

Here’s a quick guide to searching the right buyers through the B2B portal:-

  • Register as a supplier on
  • Complete your company profile with mandatory fields
  • Append your products with complete profiles
  • Upload your quality certifications
  • Keep your profile and products updated
  • Use search box, look for buyers using the pertinent keywords


Finding pertinent B2B buyers on the web is a multidimensional activity. It necessitates you to develop a complete strategy that not only helps you to link with the pertinent buyers but also gives you the credibility to confidently involve with those buyers. Whereas all the ways discussed above are very effective. It’s advised that using a quality-centric B2B trading portal along with social media platforms, would give you only the right combination to locate and also involve the right B2B buyers.

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