Dubailist.com was re-launched as Abraa.com on the 1st of July 2017. Founded in January of 2016, with the trading name of DList Portal LLC., Dubailist.com has rapidly grown in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to become the preferred choice for wholesale trade.

The vision was to enable all manufacturers and wholesale suppliers within UAE and GCC in general, to have a local platform that would serve as a digital market place, where trading can be made easy. At the time of the re-launch the platform was hosting 700,000+ products across 15 core categories, each providing in depth and variety to encompass auto and auto parts, industrial machinery and consumer electronics, among many others.

The company now has renamed its flagship brand Dubailist.com as Abraa.com, creating an easy-to-remember brand name. The name was derived from the Arabic term Abraa, which translates to “the wooden boat”. An Abraa represents the historical hard craft that mobilised the Arabian trade to venture towards the furthest ends of the globe. The primary reasoning behind the switch, is to be accessible from a global standpoint. The secondary and tertiary reasoning could also be directed at the importance of having a global brand name, without compromising on the essence of its origins. Such is the importance of a .com global market place within the MENA region.

One of its most utilized features on Abraa amongst others is the “Product Quoting”. It has a benefit for both suppliers and buyers alike.  Buyers looking to source for manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors can do so; just by sending in one buying requests for the product they need. Imagine utilizing a marketplace where you can request your orders and have a list of options to pick from. Suppliers can view live buying requests from across the globe, to send in their best quotations. Abraa.com can help suppliers find warm leads (buying requests), saving you both time and money, from having to look for business outside.

Although Dlist Portal HQ is still based in Dubai, UAE Abraa.com currently operates from 3 different continents, with the ethos of “Connecting Markets”. Its name change is also a reflection of the global impact it has had as a fully-fledged B2B marketplace. Being used in more than 75 countries, Abraa.com is more dynamic than ever; with added services for suppliers and buyers, where they can trade efficiently and effortlessly.

Abraa will continue to operate in its current structure, and all contacts will remain unchanged. Other than the visible name change along with its uplifted brand image, there is no change in ownership or change in staff. Nevertheless, there are upgrades in-place for Abraa’s systems, tools and experience to deliver the enhanced results you expect to see.



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