How to find buyers & Importer in Dubai, UAE


UAE is popularly known as a Global Business hub and indeed in a very short period of time, it has established its image and reputation as a vibrant and diverse destination, offering quality hospitality, first-class infrastructure and a range of attractions. According to reports provided by GlobalEDGE, in the year 2016 alone the total Import value of UAE was $270,882,074,394 and total Exports Valued at $298,650,942,398. This figure alone indicates how immensely business is growing in UAE.

Dubai is a great business capital and its success rightly attracts giant businesses to open its business base in Dubai, UAE. Dubai will also host the world’s largest exhibition World Expo 2020, which is expected to take Dubai business growth to the highest level. Hence, UAE is attracted to majority of the World’s Large and small Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers & Wholesalers as the huge potential importer and buyer for their products and services, but finding buyers for your product can be the most difficult challenge in your business, particularly when you’re just getting started or are selling in a new market. But here is the good news! There are potential ways in finding Buyers and Importers for your products in this competitive era.


Email Marketing & Cold Calling

Email Marketing and telesales to find buyerThere are many company directory websites which provides Dubai commercial directory, company list, Dubai phone directory. There are many names but I will mention a few big names such as; Dubai Chamber of Commerce website, Yellow pages, Reach UAE etc. After collecting the data of the companies of your interest, send them short emails with your offers. They may or may not answer but try to follow-up with them every week. Make an excel sheet recording their responses and try to convince them to take a small order from you. It’s all about how you approach them and what you tell them about your products. Keep in mind they will never pay cash upfront – be prepared for that. Also, Do the same with cold calling.


Have An International SEO-Ready Website:SEO strategy to find buyers and importer

It is highly crucial that you have an SEO-Ready website which is targeting the UAE Region. The advantage of this is when companies or buyers from Dubai are searching Google for businesses that can export certain products to them – your company would be easier for them to find.

If you use highly experienced SEO experts to scale up your online visibility on search engines, you will not just improve the chances of being found easily online, but also stand a good chance to land on the first page of Google.

Hire UAE Based Agents or Channel partner On Commission Basis:

Channel Partner - Commission agentYou can get reliable sales agents or channel partners by contacting the Chamber of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils, and independent consultants in Dubai, UAE.

Overseas sales agents will interface directly with the buyers and will always let you know their position on any potential purchase.

Channel Partners will represent your business in UAE and your business will be physically accessible in regions which will help you to gain the trust of buyers and will ultimately lead you to close some good deals.

Register On Online International Trade Platforms:

Find buyers using online b2b websitesThere are many Online International B2b Platforms which will ease your work in finding genuine and quality buyers for your products. They will take care of all the Marketing promotions whether it is digital Marketing or traditional Marketing. They will take care of your SEO, Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing or any offline or traditional means such as Telesales or representing your business in any exhibitions which is related to your product or niche.

If you ask me to name some International platforms where you can opt for membership, there are many big names such as Alibaba, ThomasNet, Indiamart, Abraa & Tradekey Etc. But stands unique in the list – Firstly because they are based in one of the world biggest business capital, Dubai and their marketing approach helps them stay unique and different from other B2B Online Platforms. Also, when it comes to the Middle East, is not only considered as the leading online b2b Marketplace but also it is a platform which is trusted by thousands of International suppliers to find genuine buyers not only from the Middle East but from all across the globe as well.

Participate In Trade Fairs:

Find buyer in Business exhibition and trade showsEngaging in Trade Fairs is a great way to introduce your products to UAE buyers. These International companies usually visit many trade fairs to see what’s new in the market, who’s selling what, and which businesses are the best options to work with. Since Dubai is one of the global business capital, there are many business trade fairs and exhibitions taking place in Dubai which are visited and exhibited by numerous international buyers and Suppliers. So taking part in the trade exhibitions would be the great initiative to network and find potential buyers in Dubai, UAE

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